It is estimated that 35% of all homes in Canada have at least 1 canine friend.  This number is likely to be higher in Newfoundland.

We are so big on dogs in this province that we are home to two of the world’s most famous dog breeds; the Newfoundland dog, and the Labrador retriever.

The Newfoundland dog is a well-known symbol of our province and the Labrador retriever is actually its descendent!  The name “Labrador” was given to the dog in order to differentiate it from its predecessor.  Before getting its official name, this breed used to be called the “lesser Newfoundland” or the “St. John’s dog.”

Dogs have been an integral part of human history dating back 15,000 years ago, when a dog was found buried with two humans in Germany.  Do you have any guesses on what breed that dog was?

Why do we as people adore these furry animals so much?  Well science can tell us a few reasons!

Dogs offer us unconditional love and emotional support which help reduce feelings of loneliness.  Multiple studies have proven that a dog’s companionship lowers stress and anxiety, which in turn boots cardiovascular health.  Dogs encourage us to move, get outside and pay attention to the little things in life.  Dogs do not get distracted by modern day stressors and can be a daily reminder of what is truly important.

The dog-human relationship goes well beyond companionship; as dogs are responsible for a whopping 20 real world occupations!  Our canine friends currently work in therapy, search and rescue, guarding, police work and so many more!

At Rocky Brook Acres, we understand and cherish the human-dog bond and encourage you to bring your furry friends on your next visit with us!  Your pets can enjoy 50 full acres of farmland to play on during your next vacation, so bring along that furry friend!  Our only request is that our guests abide by our pet policy, which can be found here.

Ps. Cats are welcome too 😉