Sunday afternoon is a great day to spend with your favorite person or bubble.  Our province has so much to explore, and our Humber Valley Region never disappoints.  If you live on the West Coast or are visiting friends and family for the summer, why not take a leisurely drive to take in The Cormack Sunday Concert Series.

The Cormack Sunday Concert Series happens every Sunday afternoon at 2 pm with the last date set for October 10th.   The venues vary between The Cormack’s Community Hall and Deer Lake’s Holiday Inn Express. The Cormack Sunday Concert Series offers an afternoon of stories and song from some of Newfoundland’s most celebrated artists.  Thus far we have showcased Anita Best, Pamela Morgan, Sherman Downey, Daniel Payne, Paul Dean and Rex Brown.

This Sunday August 1st features Shirley Montague and Dave Paddon with songs and recitations of Labrador. If you’re from The Big Land you won’t want to miss this show… Some of our upcoming shows feature Kelly Russell, Anita Best & Sandy Morris, Des & Don Walsh, Nadine Hollett with Paul Dean and Sherry Ryan. You can visit our link on Eventbrite for the entire lineup or email for info on upcoming shows. We also always appreciate a phone call if you have questions or have difficulty booking online.  Tickets are just $20 and you get a $5 voucher to use at Cormack’s own craft brewery Crooked Feeder.

Our artists are eager to perform in front of a live audience and we have provided Covid friendly venues with bubble seating to provide a safe enjoyable afternoon for you and your bubble. If you have a Group or family celebration, call us direct and we can arrange special pricing for your bubble and can cater to dinner as well…. dinner and a show sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon with your favorite bubble enjoying some of Newfoundland’s most celebrated singers and story tellers.

There is a performers table where you get the opportunity to meet the artist and take home a copy of your favorite artists work.

We also like to highlight some of our local flavors and invite some of our local vendors to partake and add to your day. Cormack Bee Company and Sea Salt and Twig are two of our favorite local vendors.   The Settlement NL is on hand with what ever local produce they have in season.  We BBQ burgers from D&D Farms and have Coffee on hand from Gros Morne Coffee Roasters.  If that’s not enough we have cold craft beers from Cormack’s own craft brewery Crooked Feeder.

When our host venue is the Cormack Community Hall you can come early  to visit the Cormack Heritage Center to learn all about Cormack’s early setters with the WW11 Veterans and their War Brides who settled here as part of the Upper Humber Land Development Project where ex servicemen from all parts of the island and their war brides were offered land and a home to start farming …it sounded like a good plan but their struggles were great and many of them didn’t stay but for those who did they set the groundwork for what today is a thriving farming community with deep historical routes.

Come visit us on Sunday afternoons for the Cormack Sunday Concert Series…we would love to see you and our artists would love to entertain you on a Sunday afternoon.